Boundary Issues and Easement Law Seminar Featuring David P. Horton

Boundary Issues and Easement Law Seminar Featuring David P. Horton

On July 11th, 2019 firm partner David P. Horton will be speaking at a seminar on Boundary Issues and Easement Law for the National Business Institute.

David will teach attendees how to confidently advise clients on boundary and easement matters.  Boundary predicaments arise often and can be extremely complex, requiring extensive due diligence. Having a firm grasp of the legal fundamentals is essential to properly navigating these delicate situations. This seminar will not only benefit attorneys but also surveyors, engineers, architects, developers, planners, local government officials and real estate and title insurance professionals. Arm yourself with the knowledge to reach the best outcome for yourself or your client.

The content of this course will include:

  • Defining Easement Types
  • Creating and Enforcing Easements
  • Terminating or Releasing Easement Options
  • Evaluating Boundary Evidence
  • Resolving Boundary Disputes
  • Litigating Boundary Disputes
  • Special Boundary Considerations
  • Conservation Easements
  • Ethics in Boundary Law

If you are interested in enriching your knowledge on any of the subjects listed above, register for the seminar today and claim your spot!

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