Stipulation Agreements: What They Are, How They Work

Stipulation Agreements: What They Are, How They Work

The relationship, both legal and personal, between a landlord and their renter can be complicated. When things go wrong, it can also be expensive. A stipulation agreement can help to ease tensions and speed up otherwise lengthy legal battles.

What is a stipulation agreement?

A stipulation agreement is a legal agreement of a fact which does not require proof. If a landlord asked for rent to be paid by a certain day, a stipulation agreement would settle the fact that both the landlord and renter knew this. An agreement can be reached orally or written and signed, with the latter preferred in court.  But why write (or sign) a stipulation agreement?


  1. Stipulation Agreements Save Time

A well-written stipulation agreement can save hours in court. Instead of having both the landlord and renter searching for lease agreements or long-lost correspondence, they can sign a stipulation agreement stating that they both signed the lease. This frees up the courts to carry on with the case.


  1. Stipulation Agreements Save Money

Less time in court means less money spent being in court. This benefits everyone involved, from the courts to the landlord to the renter. The landlord is able to return to renting their property without conflict, the renter is able to improve their living conditions or find a new place to live, and neither has to continue paying legal fees. There’s a reason why stipulation agreements are so popular.


  1. Stipulation Agreements Save Face

Legal fights between landlords and renters can get mean, and nothing brings out the worst in people like arguing over minor details. A stipulation agreement, or multiple stipulation agreements, can clear up these conflicts. Disagreements are normal in a landlord/renter relationship, but that doesn’t mean having an agreement is impossible. Stipulation agreements help both parties negotiate and agree on a middle ground, safe with the knowledge that if legal action is taken there is proof of an agreement. 


  1. Stipulation Agreements are Customizable

Since they’re between two autonomous and deliberate parties, stipulation agreements have little to no limitations regarding terms. Agreements can be about matters both small and large and can be as simple or as complicated as the parties are comfortable with. 


Since there are so many variables, stipulation agreements may seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be. Our team of lawyers is experienced with landlord and tenant law and negotiations. Contact us today and schedule an appointment so we can help you negotiate your stipulation agreement or any other real estate queries.

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