Land Use

Land Use Lawyers in Silverdale, WA

Development projects require a certain level of expertise when it comes to navigating local land use laws and regulations. All projects require permits, codes, and following due process, and failure at any stage could lead to the downfall of the entire project. Luckily, the lawyers at the Kitsap Law Group are on your side.

Services We Offer

When you hire our lawyers, you are bringing a team of experienced and dedicated attorneys who are prepared to do what it takes to keep your project moving. That means that we will:

  • Draft and implement zoning ordinances
  • Draft and implement land use ordinances
  • Ensure you won’t be fined for code infractions
  • Help you appeal code infractions
  • Draft land use petition actions

These are just a few examples of cases we’ve managed, from both sides. Beyond those areas, we also have experience regarding Growth Management and shoreline regulations.

Your Project is Our Business

We make it our responsibility to answer any legal questions you may have and to deal with issues before they arise. If you would like to learn more about our services contact the Kitsap Law Group.

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