Construction Law

Person holding construction papers

You should never feel like you’re on your own when handling construction projects. We’re here to support you through all your construction dispute needs.

Construction projects are rarely straightforward. All too often, clients and their contractors find themselves enmeshed in conflicts that simply can’t be resolved without legal help. If you’re involved in a legal battle related to a construction project, you need competent representation from a lawyer you can trust to put your interests first. In Silverdale, WA, that means working with the Kitsap Law Group

Services We Offer

We represent developers, owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers and design professionals on all aspects of construction law. We know the rules inside and out and from all angles, which is why we’re happy to take on cases involving:

  • Negotiating and/or drafting construction contracts
  • Working with projects from single-family residences to large commercial developments
  • Handling contractor disputes
  • Handling construction defects
  • Contractor licensing regulations
  • Insurance disputes

We have helped negotiate and prepare contracts for the construction of all types of projects and are excited to help with yours.

When Projects Go Awry

Breaches of contract and disputes are not uncommon in construction projects. If a project has gone awry, we can help you reach a favorable settlement.

If settlement is not possible, we are experienced in prosecuting and defending lien claims, construction defect litigation and other common disputes that arise in the construction context. The stakes are high in construction disputes, and we’ll make sure you come out on top.


We’re Here to Help You

We have substantial experience with government contracts – from the sides of both the government and the contractors. We understand the law and will assist in the complex area of public works contracts.

  • Contract Formation; Disputes; and Termination
  • Alterations and Changes
  • Building Permits
  • Contract Damages and Remedies
  • Delays and Disruptions
  • Indemnity
  • Performance or Breach
  • Specifications
  • Warranties


It can be hard to know when to seek help when something goes wrong on a construction project. If you find yourself involved in a legal issue related to construction, call the Kitsap Law Group to schedule your consultation.

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