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Are you being evicted from your home? Is a tenant making claims against you that are simply untrue? If you’re in the midst of a landlord/tenant dispute, the Kitsap Law Group can help.

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Landlord and tenant disputes can quickly become cumbersome, expensive affairs. The Kitsap Law Group’s goal is to help resolve your matter fairly and, if necessary, fight to ensure that you’re compensated for any losses. The Kitsap Law Group represents local tenants, landlords and property owners (both residential and commercial) in disputes related to:

Local Ordinances

We represented parties in all aspects of the landlord-tenant relationship, from landlords to tenants to property managers both private and commercial. We have assisted in negotiating and preparing leases for multi-unit housing, commercial space, and single-family residences.

Navigating the tricky and increasingly stringent laws and regulations governing tenancies in Washington – from the American’s with Disabilities Act to the Residential Landlord Tenant Act — can be treacherous for even the most experienced of property owners. The lawyers of the Kitsap Law Group are experienced in working in municipal laws and state regulations.


While no landlord is in business to make someone homeless, it is a business and sometimes an eviction is necessary to protect an investment. We have successfully evicted thousands of liable tenants ranging from non-payment of rent in a commercial tenancy to evicting public housing tenants that have violated their obligations by engaging in drug-related activity. We understand the delicate nature of evictions and will help you protect your property with the defense of the law.

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Protect yourself and your assets from the unscrupulous activities of a tenant or a landlord. Let the Kitsap Law Group provide you with the aggressive representation you need to put the matter to rest once and for all. Call today to schedule your consultation.

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